Air freight

We are pleased to provide different types of air freight services especially for dangerous goods and cargoes which need to be carried at certain temperature or in special conditions. ( e.g livestock or other dangerous goods )

Our mission is to bring cost-effective, fast, accurate, safe and accessible service to our valued customers.

Due to our current location in the heart of Europe, we are able to arrange the delivery of many air cargoes expeditiously.  By coordinating the services of multiple freight airlines your cargo can be delivered whenever you desire.

One of our great strength in logistics is to be deeply immersed in air freight schedules and have a profound understanding of different worldwide freight routes.

We examine each airline accurately to assure they have the needful resources and skills to forward our customers cargoes safely from beginning to end.

Our company goal is to benefit customers by providing secure and high standard air freight service with the most competitive rates and the best possible transit time to destination.